The Dubai Balloon at Atlantis

Исследуйте захватывающие панорамы города на воздушном шаре, наслаждаясь роскошью и азартом полета.

Hot air balloon
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General Information

  • Duration:
    30 minutes
  • Days of the Week:
  • Children:
    Children Allowed

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Children under 12 years old

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Atlantis Balloon Entry Ticket


Children under 12 years old



Experience the thrill and beauty of The Dubai Balloon as you embark on a remarkable journey high above the cityscape. This captivating adventure offers a memorable mix of excitement, stunning views, and a touch of luxury.

Organizational Details:

  • Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult aged 21 or older.
  • The Balloon soars to heights of up to 300 meters, equivalent to the height of a towering 100-storey building.
  • Food, beverages, and alcohol are prohibited onboard the flight.
  • Anyone under the influence of Alcohol or any other drugs is strictly not allowed to fly.
  • There will be no refund for unused or partially used services.
  • Proof of age is required for children and infants during ticket redemption.
  • Pregnant ladies over 3 months, any person who has Heart problems / serious knee & back pain, has undergone major surgery during the last 6 months,  and suffering from height phobia is not recommended for this activity.
  • Also, all passengers will need to sign the declaration that he/she doesn’t have the above problems (Mandatory)
  • Each flight lasts approximately 10 minutes. Total experience duration may vary due to loading, offloading, and queue management. Please allow for potential extended time during peak periods.
  • Utilize the weather widget on a website to plan your visit up to three days in advance. Select your desired date and time to view the accurate weather forecast for your chosen experience. Access the weather widget and plan your flight experience with confidence.

Excursion Type

This is a group excursion in English, guided by a professional in the language of your choice.

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Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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