Mapster Travel

Welcome to the world of Mapster Travel - a tourist IT company that began its journey with a dream of simplifying travel. Starting from a small collective, we have grown to over 50 dedicated employees. Our work spans many countries, including Georgia, Estonia, Kazakhstan, USA, UAE, Turkey, Asia, and Eastern Europe.

Our Approach

We are not just a technical company - we are a community of those who share a passion for improving the travel experience. Our goal is to make your journey easy and memorable. We offer a wide range of services, from activity management to partnering with us to sell our services. Our personal accounts provide convenient access to statistics, information, and orders so you can control your experience.

Our Perspectives

We are in a process of continuous development, always striving for new heights. Our ideas bubble and overflow with energy: from interactive maps to integrating artificial intelligence into support systems, from integrating hotels to banking services. We are creating the future of travel, and each client is part of this exciting story.

Founders and project team


Marat Tanirbergenov



Nurlan Nagasbaev

Director for those parts and staff

It has great technical experience and experience in personnel management.


Hlushtsov Maksym

Project manager

5 years of experience in maintaining and building command and grocery management on IT projects.


Svincitsky Nikita

Tech Lead

6 years of experience in the development and construction of complex architectural applications and server solutions.Key technology: Python (DRF).


Oleksandr Verhun

Frontend team leader

4 years of experience developing Frontened Web Interfaces.Key technology: JS (Vue).


Vitalii Senyk

Mobile App team leader

9 years of experience in the development of mobile applications.Key technologies: React Native/flutter.


Arthur Kirakosyan

Project Сoordinator

20 years in IT sphere


Evgeny Medvedkov

Designe team leader

4 years of UI/UX design of Web resources and mobile application. Key technology: ui/ux designe.


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