Mapster Travel

European (Estonian) company OU Mapstertours, producing products under the Mapster brand. It is a startup based on the development of its own mobile application and online service for tourists.

What we do

Currently, we are partially launching a marketplace for tourists and a mobile application for guide-tourists, sharing, and car rentals with an optimal route.

Our plans

Mapster operates similarly to taxi mobile applications, but in our case, it is designed for guides, tour guides, yacht trips, parachute jumps, and many other entertaining activities for the most productive travel around the world.

At this stage, the launch is planned for the 3rd-4th quarter of 2023 in Georgia, Turkey, and also in the UAE. Then, there are plans to expand at the end of 2023 in Asia, including Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Bali.

What We Can Offer You

  • Yacht Tours

    Sea tours with a personal yacht driver

  • Guide Transfer

    Tours around the city and surroundings with a personal driver

  • Concerts and Events

    We are glad to welcome you at our events and meetings

  • Guide Tour

    Tours with our guide to unique and interesting places

Founders and project team


Marat Tanwardenov



Zhanat Kudainov

Managing director

26 years on top positions in various international and state -owned companies.


Nurlan Nagasbaev

Director for those parts and staff

It has great technical experience and experience in personnel management.


Roman Shainidze

Partner representative in Georgia

Experience in leadership positions in distribution companies


Dastanbek Nurmanbetov

Partner representative in the UAE

On the leading position of international consulting companies


Glushhtsov Maxim

Project manager

5 years of experience in maintaining and building command and grocery management on IT projects.


Svincitsky Nikita

Tech Lead

6 years of experience in the development and construction of complex architectural applications and server solutions.Key technology: Python (DRF).


Alexander Vergun

Frontend team leader

4 years of experience developing Frontened Web Interfaces.Key technology: JS (Vue).


A vicious hat

Mobile App team leader

9 years of experience in the development of mobile applications.Key technologies: React Native/flutter.


Arthur Kirakosyan

Project Сoordinator

20 years in IT sphere


Evgeny Medvedkov

Designe team leader

4 years of UI/UX design of Web resources and mobile application. Key technology: ui/ux designe.


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